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01-31-2010, 11:19 AM
Laggy and unable to log in...half the time. Is the server full or just down for maintenance every few hours?
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01-31-2010, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by daeyna View Post
You know Chat, if the crashes are only about 5 since headstart. In perspective, you are right, this isn't so bad. Maybe its just bad luck on my part when I log in. Fair enough, I can chalk that up as a technically "my fault", and no harm, no foul.

Not sure about your information for the servers being installed Tuesday. I had thought the new equipment was installed in the downtime between open beta, and headstart. Not sure where I saw this, but I got the impression from a dev post before the end of open beta (and before the forum wipe).

Lets for arguement sake, say you are entirely correct, the server(s) are not installed yet, and they will be installed Tuesday. What day is Tuesday? Feb 2/2010...Star Trek Online official release day. This is still one of the most unintelligent decisions anyone can make. Rule of thumb, if you need it yesterday, give it a week burn in. If you've got spare time, give it two. If time is no issue throw it in the oven for a month. I highly doubt any of the equipment will be given any special attention, and I can draw an intelligent conclusion that this will not only not end well, but will make server stability remain unstable for much longer than it needs to be. Its hard to fix software when you can't trust the equipment its running on.

With the Star Trek license, its hard to believe that Cryptic would have been unaware of the equipment demands required for this venture. Release day is going to be much uglier than it really should be, and as much as I would like to play the game, I've spent much of today playing forum tag, as the server is down, yet again, during my game time. More over, I'm not screaming "i'm cancelling my pre-order", or anything nuts like that. I'm expressing my extreme displeasure over how things are going, by comparison to the open beta (which, I did enjoy).
It's a Star Trek joke. Arrives on tuesday. From Generations. :p
Most things on the ship wasn't installed and was going arrive on tuesday.
Basically... They haven't installed them yet.
No idea on date or even if they have installed them already. Been running smooth whenever Chat has been able to play since OB. (which is at random intervals during the day)

Originally Posted by Allegiance86
Chat talking about yourself in third person doesnt make you cool. I havent experienced any crashes but definitely heavy lagging.
It's supposed to make someone cool? Sweet.
But no... Chat does not do it to make her cool.
Please insert coin and try again.
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01-31-2010, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by daeyna View Post
Tried playing 4 times so far during headstart. Server has crashed all 4 times. This last time I got to play for a whole minute before crashing (longest time, maybe an hour).

So hows the whole "new server" thrown on top of unstable software 10 days before release working out for the rest of you?
I have determined that two of the three head start crashes (I am aware of) occured, at that exact moment I decided to log in. Not the moment I logged in, just before. SO, it's really my fault. Sorry about that.

The other crash involed a really beardy move involving a sensor dazzling science vessel and some mines. I wasn't involved in that one.
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01-31-2010, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post
You've never experienced a major mmo launch before have you? These kinds of problems can go on for a few weeks before the server decides to play nice.

It's not an excuse but a fact. Nobody knows how the server will react until they stress it. And as for the crashing... Notice how when the server comes back up it runs fine. Looks like they know whats wrong, they just need to give the servers a good kick now and again if they fall out of line.

This person gets it...

this game id expect my system to get booted and the server be taken down often for the next couple weeks..

there is just absolutly no way they can test probelms that comes from 50k, 100k people playing.. when they have only had 15-20k in beta

Head start has way more people playing cause they think that its the finsihed game.. its not, it wont ever be finished. But finished stablity testing is gonna take a few weeks after launch atleast. Its because they cant fix it with out the 100k people trying to play.. and playing..

If this is something you cant deal with.. Go play something else and come back in a couple weeks when the bugs are worked out.

I really wish someone with vast server knowledge could explain exactly why this is in geek terms.. but then again most of you wouldnt have a clue what he was talking about.. I wouldnt know exactly persay.. But i get why the issues are occuring.. atleast tahts something

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