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01-31-2010, 01:53 PM
I absolutely hate to reference other games when referring to an MMO but Cryptic. Seriously take a hint from ALMOST EVERY OTHER GOOD MMO OUT THERE! you NEED, NEED NEED NEED NEEEEEEEEEEEEED!! Multiple servers. The Start Trek franchise has more fans than you can even begin to contemplate. You absolutely MUST have multiple servers. You just Can't do this on the one you have now its just not possible. As evidence of the current crap-storm . EvE was the only game I ever played that was successful on 1 server and even they had a Test server where they mess with things before they implement them.
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Serious Issues with this game. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing it, however, the issues that have cropped up are severly hampering my enthusiasm.

1. Logging in, finding a que...ok, I can live with that. But when it jumps from 100 to 1000 people, and I almost always seem to be last in line? Then, after a minute, it moves me to the login screen, and repeat the process. Suddenly, it allows 2300 of us in at the same time!

2. Go on an away mission, move between a system and sector space or between sectors. The game gets to the cut-scene image, and displays: "Discconected from server". However, I'm not ALWAYS disconnected. if I give it a minute, it MAY go ahead and load. If not, it will move me to the login screen. Seriously getting miffed having to log back in after every mission. And that's IF it allows me to login without the loading characters issue or the que....

3. A minor issue with changing uniforms. I've changed mine for my main character from Gold to Red. It shows him in a red uniform standing placidly at the chracter selection screen. However, once laoded, he's still wearing the gold instead of the red. I've tried changing it multiple times, to no avail.

4. I still have yet to be able to get my pre-order items. I was never given the option to change the prefix on my ship, for example. I'm hoping that once the head-start is over I'll be able to change it, after all, that's why I bought an upgraded version, right?

5. I've found several places where my characters get stuck in the terrain. these are minor things, all told, but when they do it 3 times in one screen, that's rather annoying.

6. The ability to target the nearest ship that ISN'T in my 'viewscreen'? the way I understand it, we have electronic sensors on our ships than can target anything in range of our weapons. This feels more like I'm using a rifle and having to find my target before I can fire. If they have to be in front of me, why even have aft phasers, eh?

These are a few of the major complaints *I* have. Normally don't post unless they are major issues, and I find that I'm posting several here at once.

Going to try and log in AGAIN. See if I can complete a mission before I time out betweeen systems...
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Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 13 Stuck
03-27-2010, 06:33 PM
I am gettign stcuk at the chracter screena nd loading ....sometimes one of each . what the heck is going on here.. A muli million dollar business and they can not even fix this problem that shoudl already been fix ....come one now.... give it a break already .

Thsi is gettign real old .....i mean enought already .

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