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Ok i realy dont want to rant but im going to, we had 2 weeks open beta which wasnt enough by far and in that time cryptic realised they needed more hardware cause they didnt have the server capacity to match the amount of beta keys they sent out.

Anyhow lesson learnt or was it ?, now were in early start the server hasnt been improved, the bugs have not been repaired, the rubber banding is still there and the servers cant cope with the traftic its getting from the pre order customers.

so heres the question, what miraculous event is going to happen on tuseday, have cryptic got a huge server they are readying, do they have people working on the bugs, like memory alpha not working, the patrol missions needing to be ran several times before they register been completed. random kicks and server not responding bugs.

Because right now the server cant handle us, whats gonna happen when the retail customers all start trying to log in in 2 days? im thinking meltdown, plus many many unhappy customers, where exactly did my 50 quid go? sure as hell didnt go on new servers thats for sure.

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