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Yes, I am gonna rant a bit, at least to ask why I would play STO again. I mean I can come up with a list of games that are at least twice as fun for every feature of STO:

-Ground combat
STO has similar mechanics as WOW, if I liked to die roll and just stand there and whack at some one, WoW is the game for me. To me, standing there just gets a tad boring, got PSO on game cube, and there is little loss in playing alone, but shoot-and-scoot way more fun than die roll, in my mind.

-Ship Combat
So I get to build boats then use their small frame, and fast pace to... dodge die rolls?! Ok, I personally like the building ships, and blowing other ships out of the water. So Warship Gunner is the game for me. No die roll, only shooting, scooting, artillery aiming, dodging instant death by a few whiskers. And the strongest ship builder engine I ever used.

Not a terribly strong point of STO. You see, STO maps too small. Elder Scrolls, Shadow of The Colossus, WoW: all use a big map, divided into segments. The segment you are in and any neighboring segments are loaded, distant segments are ready for in-game loading (as you approach them). These super maps are the key of making the world seem big. The bigger the worlds seems, the more adventurous the game feels.

I don't PvP, but if I did, I would play a game with room for practice. You don't learn when all you do is get pegged at the same rate between rebuilds and tweaks.

-1st/3rd Person Conquest
Battle Field, Ratchet & Clank. Both are PvP/ online PvE. Both have stronger real-time combat engines than STO. More maps, more weapons, less getting chomped on by a raptor, 10 FT from you.

Don't get me started; I turned off STO music, and use windows media player.

-Ship Weapons
Do I want to change the color and debuff of my beam (STO), or do I want to choose to have a 8 beam lateral burst, 3 parallel beams, 2 converging beams, etc. (Warship Gunner)? And for the guns and explosives, oh boy don't get me started.

-Ground Weapons
WITH NO DOUBT, Ratchet & Clank; missiles, blasters, mines, rockets, multiple missiles, grenades, gas cans, explosive inflatable decoys, etc. And they can be leveled!
Also, In Ratchet Deadlocked, they can be custom modded. Also, PSO has a strong weap system too. You can find your favorite weap type, and keep ones with superior special performance mods and upgrade them with special items.

-Unlockable Extras
So costumes and trophies... well, I'd seen stuff from concept art to game visual effects. Looking at a trophy in silly armor, only shooting out a black-and-white factory, during a snow storm, as a cut-scene NPC with a bucket on his enlarged head.

-Progress Making
All the times I played Kithometer Vortex: Elite and the other 2 Space Omega missions. You can play anywhere in STO you want, but if you want to make progress... In most RPGs, you can level in almost every main map, good for keeping the game fun (and not scratched from overusing a map).

Not too bad in STO, until I think about the one-solution puzzles, all the running around, and the only part I look forward to are the fights. These peeps are racing to keeps the material coming so bad that the quality is lagging behind, just to keep players interested. Game is a bit too simple to begin with. I like it when there are secrets that take 3+ replays to discover. I like it when the 20th reply is nearly as fun as the first, if not better, and I like unpredictability.

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