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01-31-2010, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
Couple reasons:

1. People typicaly use the incorrect terminology of "EU" to generalise the whole of Europe when the EU is in actual fact just an assembly of a handful of European nations.
I think that's more the US interpretation. Personally, its just a trade and legal body formed of a loose coilition of countries.

Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
5. Most importantly - Would you want to be associated with the French?
Dear boy, that's what the channel is for... keeping the damn French out... then they only went and built a bloody tunnel! Lets all hope it floods.
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Originally Posted by Steelsky View Post
This is not normal for MMO games, it is normal for a new MMO in the first few weeks of release until they find all the little things that don't show themselves in their code and infrastructure that only shows up once you're above 90% load.

I have faith that they will get it working, if not by Tuesday where the great unwashed masses flock in then by start of March.

This is how Champions Online started, not sure how the beta went, but for the first month the server would be brought or early AM maintenance, which sucked for me in the beginning because I work the late shift etc

I'm not happy either, but this is the head start and not the official launch, also a new game will be buggy in the beginning and people are expecting perfection barely 2 secs after launch
I still play CO when STO is down lol, but CO is stable now and works fine
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01-31-2010, 01:14 PM
lmao whats so new about this mmo? the engine they use is from CO how long do you want to waite till is fixed march 2012?

its not even the mess they got its the just keeping us in the dark that makes me angry. if the servers are fubar, hell just say hey guys we have a major problum and we are working on it. even if you just said till we fix it right we are closing the server off to all. i can live with that but every time it crashes to say we brought the server down for matinance just burns me.

but the fanboy just keep saying it will get worked out just waite and see. i wonder if they said that on the titanic as she started to drop under the waves, dont panic this ship is made not to sink just waite and see all will be ok
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first time its ever happened to me tonight but i will say i have no end of trouble with massive lag my networks running at 50mbs and launcher trouble trying to updat and then not logging in once or twice causing my pc to reboot and zen not transferring properly the list of probs is endless cool game but i wanna actually play it for longer than 1 hour and most evenings after work come on guys lets get real and sort it out so you have lots of demand time to invest in another hundred or so servers to help out 3rd anniversary special mission ships reward but how can we play this mssin gain the reward if you wont let us on its not good theres no game without errors and no computer perfect but if it was a little more reliable than a old skoda then we all would be happier (moan over)
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02-01-2013, 01:53 PM
OMG this thread is like 2 years old

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