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Obviously, many folks donít share my view point, but it is my view point and I am entitled to express it.

I canít but say thank you to Cryptic for putting out a Star Trek game that actually works and is fun to play. What a change from the norm when it comes to Star Trek. So often the name is used to lure folks and then a product is put out that is mediocre. That upsets fans, they stop buying, and then investors canít figure out what happened and blame some other cause for the failure. Not, this time around STO is a winner.

I am throughly enjoying the game at this point. Yes, the servers do come down and there are some glitches. I have had to restart the same mission twice now and itís a thirty minute mission to complete, so I share peopleís frustration of the pre-release period. Then again, thatís why itís a head start, not to give fans a special get in front of people that didnít buy a pre-order, but rather a safety net to ensure that actual release runs smoothly. Kind of a final beta, but truth be told most MMOís never get out of beta as they are continually tweaked and upgraded through the life of the game. Actually, I fully expect that the game will be evolving with new features and various other items tweaking the game universe and game play over time.

I havenít been this excited or pleased since SWG came out. There are a number of folks at Cryptic that are old SWG players. Let us hope they bring with them the lesson of once the game is the game, donít just change it into the game it was never meant to be.

Anyhow, I am very please with STO from game mechanics, the great image displays, the smooth operation of the system and the terrific music. It all giveís a great Star Trek feel. I have yet to feel any mission is a ďgrindĒ it all fun times! Is the game perfect? Ha, Ha, tis to laugh at such a comment, but I am having fun. Keep up the great work!

Remember the words of Admiral Forester ďNow, donít screw up.Ē

Thanks again.
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01-31-2010, 11:06 AM
I couldn't have said that better myself.
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01-31-2010, 11:08 AM
Here Here!!!

Through all of my video game experience (a long time), I never enjoyed PvP....until now. Through playing both Federation and Klingon both were enjoyable. The large number of missions, the opportunities that can be sought out..Even replaying the same mission is fun. I'm glad to have made a lifetime membership no other game compares to what was done with this one....

The only things I'd like to see now are 1. Playable CARDASSIANS and 2. No Federation bridge officers on my non-Federation bridge.
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01-31-2010, 11:14 AM
I'm just happy to be able to play here or there despite the downtimes anyway. Its not like its a major fix for me, i just play when its up now. I've only been on this game a few days anyway,and i fully expected some downtimes prior to launch day.

Not sure if all the wow-spouters remember, but the downtime on thier beloved game was horrendous at the start.. every hour.. sometimes more frequent there would be downtime and thats before you talk about all the 'lagged out' sessions that were there.

This though, is new, and i really think they've done a grand job on this so far.. and like most MMO's, there will always be issues even over the first month after launch.

I'm going to be patient with it, a great game deserves that and i think this game has got a certain something that i like.

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