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This forum is filled with various complaints of different natures, and in all honesty has been filled with similar threads to this one. But I cannot sit idle and pretend that I didn't attempt to say something about this.

Despite all the complaints about space/ground combat, or loot, or lack of whatever gameplay device a handful of players is certain will change the game to godlike status, the single most destructive issue to this game is the server stability. Little else matters when you cannot even log in to play, much less complain.

What bothers me about this is that STO isn't the world's first MMO. Such instability would at least then be excusable as such issues would be unpredictable. Sadly, STO isn't even Cryptic's first MMO. This isn't an art, its a science. You have XXX number of people, and said server / computer / component can handle YYY load. If you actually think your product will be successful, you overestimate and get more hardware than you need, in anticipation to the load.

What is completely pathetic was the open beta expierence. According to Cryptic, so many people logged into participate in the open beta that their hardware was already overworked. So according to the posts more was acquired and put online, yet here we are at headstart continuing to have server issues. Did the management at Cryptic think that enough hardware to support open beta would be enough to support release? Seriously? After one wake up call demonstrating how many people were interested in a Star Trek themed MMO, and taking into account how many people are not interested in a beta (or even preordering for that matter), Cryptic is seriously about to put a product on the shelves that simply will not work out of the box. Do they really expect people to pay for a second month, when the first is riddled with downtime? What exactly are they paying for?

I read one review of STO which stated that Star Trek is simply too vast to satisfy all the fans, and that there would always be some degree of disatisfaction. I believe this to be true, and therefore forgive the lact of quests that explore the depths of the series and movies, as it would be extremely complex to write such things into a quest. And like any other game, STO will have ups and downs, and the gameboys out there who want more "pew pew" and less RP will continue to complain about combat or some other game mechanic, and not stop to smell the roses. But with the server issues, no one wins. There is simply nothing to win. And this is unacceptable. Cryptic is supposed to be a professional company, with MMO expierence. They have already collected money from players very interested in their product. Yet they continue not to deliver.

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