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# 1 Suggestions for improvements
01-31-2010, 04:14 PM
So while I'm waiting for the server to come back up again (BTW I was not happy to sit in the queue for 10+ minutes to get kicked off after 5 minutes of gameplay wiht no warning), I thought I'd try to be constructive and come up with ways to improve the game using what is basically existing code.
1.) A ship simulator - either at a starbase or on my own ship's holodeck. Right now I can't try different ship types before I "but one" when I reach the rank of Lieutenant Commander - I have to hope that my style of gameplay is well suited to the ship that I chose - and save up 20K+ energy credits to buy another ship to compare it to. I can understand not giving a ship of each class to everybody, but let me hop into a simulated battle with any ship at or below my rank level with any equipment available to me so that I can see what works with me. Then I can buy the ship and equipment I want instead of having to find out that my ship is not the one I want the hard way.
2.) Instantaneous travel - I like the concept of sector space but hate the current implementation - I don't like spending 10 minutes flying across the void to get to my next mission. Make me fly there the first time to find it - that's fine, but after that, let me choose where to warp to and just get there - like transwarp but without the single location limit or the 30 minute cycle time. Or at least provide me with on starbase per sector that I can visit.
3.) Crafting - I've heard rumors that this exists, and maybe it does, but if so the implementation sucks because it's not obvious. Right now there are 4 different economies in the game - exploration badges, energy credits, merits and resources. They all buy pretty much the same thing. This is pointless - real life has a currency exchange and you can buy anything with a dollar or a euro or the yen - we don't carry ten types of currency to buy the same thing at the same place. So cut the exploration points and give us something else for them. Take the resources and let us use them to build things on our ships instead of having to travel all the way to Memory Alpha to build something with three of the ten types of crap that occupies a slot in our inventory. Voyager had to fabricate stuff on the ship all the time during their journey (including a delta flyer or two) and we're supposedly ahead of that pint in time, so it's not inconcievable that we should be able to fabricate our own stuff on our ships. Maybe recylcle all those artifacts and ships batteries into that Mk III shield generator or phaser bank that I keep hoping will get dropped.
These are just a few ideas that shouldn't take that much change to the existing game engine and would make the experience (at least for me) far more enjoyable. Suggestions (and especially dev input) are welcome.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
01-31-2010, 04:15 PM
i like word soup

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