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I was eating a sandwich in my room =(
Lt. Commander
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# 2 Where was "I" you say?
01-31-2010, 10:54 AM
I was on the bridge of the Science Vessel USS Invictus. We had been assigned to patrol the Tustig sector and look for anamolies when a priority message from a creepy looking Russian admiral ordered us to cease our invaluable scientific work and assist halting the Gorn advance. We are a SCIENCE vessel sir, could you not give us directions to the closest energy anomaly? From the look on his face, I could tell he was not amused. Within moments we warped to the rendevous point. After dealing with the barrage of hails from the other Escorts and Cruisers with the typical "Hey girlie science vessel, this is a fleet action you need to go back to Sol and get your wimpy ship pumped up"...uh.Helmsman..hide us behind that big rock....

For some reason we knew precisely when the Gorn were going to advance so we all waited diligently for the clock to countdown to zero, because the Gorn were having trouble respawning or something. Of course when it hit zero the roid raged Cruisers and Escorts rushed in. I ordered my ship to follow...maybe I can just fake it and follow a big ship..shoot my guns and sneak off when its all over....hmm....but before I could even target anything that creepy looking Admiral came back on tell us more of the obvious....Sir I am trying to keep the shields up on those dumb jock captains up there..can you leave us the hell alone....your unshaven, vodka laden face is BLOCKING my view! Once he was off screen we must have enetered a spacial anamoly because the entire battle moved at a stuttered space. I ordered weapons to fire...and they did..sort of....but then they didn' I personally pressed the button again....ships were exploding all over....a symphony of green and red energy beams. Which one is mine...okay target that guy...oh wait hes dead...okay target another hes dead now too.....dammit just mash the phaser key're bound to hit something.

The battle went well and once we cleared off the frigates....for some reason civilians got into the combat we had to go clear off the mines...this was done pretty easily by simply flying through and setting them and more fun..rotate shield frequency and emergency power to shields...okay take us through...But sir wont the explosions hurt the civilians? Maybe...isn't that what science is all about? Let's see....we had just finished beaming aboard the last of the civilian mine casualties when the Gorn decided to throw their Cruisers at us....Finally targets that will live longer than 3 seconds...I'd really like to try out this tractor beam thingy....and then suddenly we got a message that Starfleet had to turn off our ships for emergency we lost. So now the Gorn are waiting for us to respawn....

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