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Just so you guys know, there's been so much downtime for STO that I've completed the GDI, Nod, Scrin campaigns, and the first 2 acts of the expansion of C&C3.

I'm just saying, I would really like to play the headstart of the game I pre-ordered. I ended the beta with a lvl 18 Lt. Com. So far, with the headstart in it's 3rd day, I'm only level 4.

Can we.... get the game working please? I'm not interested in a bug where Phasers fire for 2.3 seconds instead of the desired 2.4 seconds. I don't care if [insert alien race here] is not properly modeled or colored. I don't care if a quest is bugged out and so players have to skip that one.

I'd really like the game to get in gear. The beta was smoother than this.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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01-31-2010, 10:59 AM
Rofl copter on the run! Heh, I just finished GDI and 3 scenarios in Tropico3 I am seriouslly thinking of leaving the computer room and hitting the living room to finish up Bioshock on hard to get the brass bawls achivo before Bioshock2 arrives next week.

At first I was not happy that STO and Bioshock2 would hit at the beginning of Feb but I am changing that outlook. Having them hit at the same time is perfect. It will give me something new to play while STO servers are down. God loves irony don't ya think

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