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11-29-2013, 08:28 PM

My Fed-Rom can't get past tier 2. Tried slotting and canceling, it didn't work. My other chars hadn't been hit by this bug yet. *knock on wood*
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11-30-2013, 02:29 PM
I just hit T4 and noticed it's gone too. As per suggested, I tried slotting an upgrade project (convert cybernetic implants to dilithium) and cancelling it, but there is still no option for the Thwart Voth Efforts reputation project available
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11-30-2013, 05:07 PM
Same thing just happened to two of my characters who reached tier 4. Both projects "Submit Battle Reports to Dyson Joint Command" and "Thwart Voth Efforts" are missing.

I have filed a bug report (ID #2,133,001), hopefully it will be fixed soon since many players are affected.
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12-07-2013, 10:40 AM

I got it too. Reached Tier IV yesterday, and now i can't choose the 2500 REp project on the dyson SPhere.

STO. Please set this right.


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12-07-2013, 11:40 AM
I had the same issue when I reached tier 3 Dyson reputation.

Currently I'm only working on my main character so I can get the sponsorship tokens for all my other toons to make their rep grind easier.

For me, I have a habit of always having the XP projects slotted in the next up slots.

When I gained enough XP to claim tier 3, the XP projects moved over and I could fill them and the claim tier 3 upgrade at the same time.

However, I wasn't able to slot any new XP projects into the next up slots after I completed the tier 3 upgrade and choosing my rep ability. Starting and cancelling a project in the bottom slot, such as trading in Dyson marks for dilithium, didn't fix it for me.

But it did fix itself for me when those XP projects were completed. I was able to start slotting them again, both in the contribute and next up slots.

So it seems the only way to fix it is if you already had the XP projects in the next up slots when you gained enough XP to claim a new tier. This means that for those who didn't have the XP projects in the waiting are screwed.

*Note: The reason why I always have projects in the next up slots, even if the current projects will give me enough XP to claim a new tier, is because I noticed something a long time ago. When doing it this way on the old reputations (romulan, omega, nukara), it gives me a chance to complete the XP projects 1 last time before those project's costs increase (commodities, expertise, marks, etc.).

The only time I don't have XP projects in the next up slots is when I'm working on getting equipment, or the current projects will give me enough XP to claim tier 5 in that reputation.

Edit: The 3 older reps seem find so far on characters who don't have tier 5 in them, but I can't say much since I'm currently working only on my main character to get tier 5 dyson for the sponsorship tokens. (He already has tier 5 in all reputations except Dyson, and I've got sponsorship tokens from those reps for all 8 of my other characters already. Just waiting on Dyson now.) I can say that I have completed XP projects in all 3 older reps on a single character and everything seemed fine for him. This problem so far seems limited to just the Dyson reputation.
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02-16-2014, 07:16 PM
I also have this same problem now on my dyson reputation for one of my romulans but only submit is removed the thwart voth efforts still works

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