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11-27-2013, 05:31 PM
The most interesting one I heard (I forget where I heard it, either online or some program...) was that basically everyone around Kennedy those last 24 hours knew that he was going to get hit. Except Kennedy himself. Photos of people with him apparently looked uncomfortable, and the expression of the guy riding shotgun in Kennedy's car at the time, was described as that of someone who was hoping the sniper didn't miss and hit them instead Absolutely no idea how true that is, so I'm not going to say I believe it or that that it's The Truth, but it certainly interested me to think that Kennedy was that unliked by those around him that they'd get him whacked in a public place

(oh, the other conspiracy theory, is that both JFK and Lincoln were assassinated because they planned to do something with US currency like getting rid of the federal reserve or something, but the exact details escape me...)
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Originally Posted by collegepark2151 View Post
My apologies to everyone reading this thread. I didn't know it was going to turn into an airing of JFK theories. Sorry.
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11-27-2013, 06:11 PM
I have this crazy conspiracy theory that President Okeg in STO is a space reptilian.

There was also a thread about chemtrails on Risa during the Summer event this year. The guy was dead serious.
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Well lots of documents concerning the JFK assassination are still classified, so that should leave cause for suspicion right there.

JFK was making lots of powerful enemies, like with his executive order 11110 curtailing the power of the Federal Reserve, the nations powerful and very secretive central bank , which many suspect to be privately owned and operating in the interests of the major banks and not the interest of the American people.

JFK also gave a speech at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City on April 27, 1961 mentioning the corrupt influence of secret societies, it is likely he would have gone after them and perhaps they had him killed. CIA agent, Skull and Bones member and later President George H.W. Bush was seen in Dealey Plaza at the time as this image search shows, so this also looks pretty suspicious, especially since these photos were classified and had to get a FOIA to release them.

We don't know what exactly happened, but its safe to say the official story is BS.
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Originally Posted by shaanithegreen View Post
I have this crazy conspiracy theory that President Okeg in STO is a space reptilian. you'll be telling us that Chancellor Gorkon was assassinated with the help of his own people.

As far as Dealey Plaza, I was privileged to visit there 21 years ago, and listen to a friend well versed in the theories, who'd actually interviewed eyewitnesses. I must say, standing at that very spot (no traffic to speak of that night, and the plaza was extremely well lit), I can see why a lot of the theories exist. Is the Warren Commission 100%? No idea. I am puzzled though by several things:

1. the timing of Oswald's supposed movements through the building, which conflict with several witnesses in the building on multiple floors at the time.
2. the supposed testimony of LBJ's driver who, via the rear view mirror, apparently observed LBJ shove Mrs. LBJ down in the seat moments before the shots rang out.
3. The prisoners in the upper floors of the jail overlooking Dealey Plaza, where there is apparently a very good view of the place observing things conflicting with the Warren Commission's report.
4. The people around the car noticing smoke coming from the grassy knoll and even the street drain next to the motorcade.
5. Men with weapons or something resembling a weapon (can't remember what he told me) leaving the area around the knoll.
6. folks citing activity (smoke? guns? don't recall the specific detail) on the bridge the motorcade was approaching.
7. the change of route that allowed the motorcade to turn more than 90 degrees which violated Secret Service policy, exposing the back of the motorcade to the Depository.
8. the tree height between the Oswald window and the motorcade which was tall enough to block a clear view.
9. Oswald's track record of poor marksmanship. (Now this one I could see him faking for specific goals if he was, as they suggest, into espionage)

Those are just what spring to mind from memories of that visit. There was a lot of other stuff discussed that didn't add up. I'd like to believe the Warren Commission was honest, not duped, and 100% on target, but like Jack the Ripper, I'm not sure we'll ever truly know.
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Originally Posted by felixhex View Post
You miss my point by thinking literally... I meant the 6.5 compared to the other round that could not have been fired form his rifle. And which questions are irrelevant? You can't just be in a discussion and say that without giving proof. And google is not proof.
What other round? There were three shots fired, and two bullets found. One bullet recovered was the "magic bullet", the second was another Carcano round that was torn to pieces and believed to be the headshot.

As for eyewitness accounts? Among criminologists they're considered rather unreliable. It has been scientifically proven that people aren't particularly good at remembering fine details of stressful situations.
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Originally Posted by shaanithegreen View Post
I have this crazy conspiracy theory that President Okeg in STO is a space reptilian.

There was also a thread about chemtrails on Risa during the Summer event this year. The guy was dead serious.
President Okeg denies having asexual relations with that silicon based life form.

Oh its not just chem trails and flouride in the attlai anymore:

Of course I'm not dead. I'm in space...
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