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# 1 "Energy" sellers
01-31-2010, 11:13 AM
Is there anything that Cryptic can do about "Energy" sellers spamming their easy-street service?

No, I'm not new to this sort of stuff, but the developers of the game I last played, Lord of the RIngs: Online, were fairly successful in minimizing the spam. Most specifically from user names like "gfdrytrfg" (just got this one) on accounts and characters that were created specifically for the purpose of spamming.

A couple of things the folks at Turbine did to combat this plague:

1) Impose a waiting period of one hour of in game time before allowing the use of any "Area" or "Zone" chat, sending personal tells or whispers (unless one is received, or sent to someone who is on the character's friend list), or sending mail messages. (While inconvenient, one hour is not an overly long time to allow normal players a chance to complete the tutorial and explore a little on their own.)

2) Disallow the use of all of these services from trial accounts, with the possible exception of "Area" chat in the Sol system, which should be sufficient to allow new players the opportunity to get help when needed.

3) Delete any unopened mail messages that were sent by characters that have been deleted. (This will keep players who have been away for more than a few hours from logging in to find a mail box full of spam.)

While it's most likely impossible to get rid of all of these yeay-hoo's, I'm sure that imposing some sort of restrictions for new players / trial accounts can help relax the problem a little, and allow active players the opportunity to play the game unhindered by these annoyances.

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