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# 1 SLOW the game DOWN-servers CTD
01-31-2010, 11:06 AM
Dear Cryptic, this game IS beautiful --being a 'diehard' plz let us enjoy the years spent making it so cool
SLOW down the IN Sector msge's...the fast attacks and we don't even get achance to check bearing's..
yes,SOME ppl may enjoy fast GAME rate-just to collect items- BUT-MAYBE THE SPEED OF ALL THESE

Many of us Trekkies opt out of leaving the system and explore to get some artifacts and just
enjoy this amazing BEAUTIFUL stuff !

This will keep long timers here permanently and that's want ya want dollar wise ..
many fng's will leave after making admiral in a week or two as it will then bore them ..
.and THEY move on to the next thingy.

This is for US. plz think about'll make more $ in the long run. Thank you for your time and

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