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# 1 Promising but Needs Polish
01-31-2010, 11:22 AM
First I want to say that I really have been enjoying the game. It is fun and shows a lot of promise. In OB I started to hit some of the big storylines and they also promise to be epic.

My biggest problem has been with sloppiness. The game is full of typos, UI problems, and graphical glitches. I wince every time I set a course for the 'Alpha Centari' or 'Aldeberen' sector blocks. A little fail sound goes off in my head when I warp to sector and my ship just sadly drifts forward. I shake my head as I close a tutorial tooltip on an NPC I have visited a dozen times.

Even though the game is technically and graphically pretty solid, repeatedly running into these things makes it feel a little half-assed. Is it so difficult to flag an info box to display only once? Do you really want your most iconic graphic effect-- going to warp-- to display incorrectly over half the time? You can't be bothered to proofread? If gameplay is solid, the players will probably start ignoring these things, or resigning themselves to working around them, but 'it's pretty good despite the annoying things' isn't really a glowing review.

This is a sleek science-fiction universe. As a player, as much as possible I want to feel like I am a part of that universe while I am playing. The graphics don't have to look perfect, but they should at least work without glitches. The interfaces should feel slick. And since this isn't the real future, it's an idealized future, things should be spelled correctly. I want to feel as if the makers took pride in every detail.

I know Cryptic has worked hard on this game. It is fun, it plays well, it mostly looks awesome, and because of that I will continue with it. It just lacks, so far, that bit of extra effort to put a fine polish on it, to make a good experience into a great experience. And none of the problems I have encountered should be insurmountable, or even difficult to address. I have my fingers crossed for one more patch on Monday night.

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