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Since there isn't a suggestion board, I'll toss it here:

* Account wide bank: A small "container" that all your characters can access. Would help when you find an engineering item on your tactical toon. (Would be whiling to pay for this from c-store)

* Improved Mail System: That can handle items / energy attached.

* Custom Alien Skill description: If you have a custom alien it doesn't show what character traits you selected. Overall it would be nice to have a better display of the traits you choose in the beginning, maybe an extra tab on the screen under the ground & space tabs that just says misc info. Shows what you choose and a description of what they are, so you don't have to go looking to see what Creative does.

* Would love to see a bit more detail on what skills do, have to hunt around a bit on the forums to find out what Warp Theorist trait does and how it effects things, ended up running my own tests making a few toons, etc.

* Class selection screen: Show like the first 2-3 abilities that class gets, will help folks get a much better understanding of what class does what right up front.

* If something is only claimable for one character, it should say that. (aka shuttle)

* Ability to change your display name or at least the thing that comes after the @ (EX: for me it's Charname@Zenithan )

* Be cool to eventually have other parts of the ship you could access, like the captain's office or quarters. No biggy but would be neat. Could customize your quarters a bit, invite others to see it, that kind of stuff.

* Autofire. Seriously my space bar will be broke in a few months if I have to spend almost all my time in space pressing it over and over to get the ship to fire. I tried to right click on the weapon icons, saw them get a little green border and they seemed to fire on their own, for about 15s. Then just stopped.

* Better way to balance power output. The sliders bug a bit, would be nice if maybe another button was added to make a menu appear where we can just type it the exact values we want and which preset to save it as. Maybe even choose a new icon for the preset option.

* Include the little random loot items (crates, readings, radition things, etc) in the need/greed group loot options. Right now it's setup so that it's whoever gets there first. As such it's not uncommon to go into a group mission, see everyone fly up to an encounter and then play a game of chicken to see who gets first aggro. Once someone does the people not getting shot at peel off to get a reading that's close to the battle sight. Leaving whoever got there first dead, and the person who ducked out with loot.

* Few extra skills: Warp speed to improve speed between systems slightly, impulse speed to slightly improve ship speed, etc.

* Cargo Hold: Special slot only available on the ship that holds all the provisions and data samples. When you get them automatically places them in the hold. (Would be whiling tp pay for this from C-Store)

* Let us use powers from the P screen. I shouldn't need to have to drag the Transwarp ability to my bar every time I actually want to use it. Just let us burn it from the menu.

* Then typing in a slash command, once you've typed in the command have the UI highlight to show the command has been acknowledged. EX: When replying to tells I was expecting after I typed /reply for the UI to update. What I mean is like this:

I type /reply. As soon as I hit space after the y make the UI update to say : /reply Charname@Accountname, that way you know exactly who the reply is going to the moment you pressed space after the reply.

* Fix rewards, 2-3x now I've completed a mission, gone to collect the rewards, choose one, got the skill points and... no reward. Lost the rank 6 BO that way, lost a kit selection, and a weapon choose all that way. Just never got the item.

BTW Love the ticket system. *subscribes to the "I have no received my BO sticky*
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01-31-2010, 03:29 PM
* UI configs stored locally. I play on a desktop that runs at 1920x1200 and a laptop that runs at 1400x900. When I log into my laptop my UI is all screwed up, then when I log into my deksotp it's screwed up again too -.- Can you give us an option (or an ini setitng or something) so they are stored per pc?
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01-31-2010, 08:13 PM
I found the mailbox where you can attach stuff on the main starbase! w00t.

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