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# 1 Interactive Highlight Markers
01-31-2010, 12:33 PM
I really like the shiny effects the Devs have given objects of interest in the game as it helps to obviously point out objects that can be interacted with. I would like to suggest creating a different shiny effect for objects you have already interacted with. If I'm flying around in space and need to scan a ship, I have to visually locate the ship, fly within targeting range, then I am able to interact with it once I get much closer.

However, there are times when in combat that one can get a bit turned around and having a different color highlight on the object would save time on retracing one's steps to get in range and see whether or not the reticle will appear or not. Perhaps an auto-marker on the map would help.

I realize the Devs have much more to worry about than my suggestions, but I figured it wouldn't hurt and hopefully one or two may even make sense for other players to have, making them request the suggestions as well.

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