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# 1 Somewhat frustrating
01-31-2010, 01:03 PM
I know that many people are frustrated by the current issues in the game, but look on the improvements that the Dev's have made in the last two weeks alone. As more people begin to play the game at headstart and launch these people will bring to light more bugs and they will find them faster. This will allow the Dev's to fix these problems quickly and the game will be running smooth in no time. I am somewhat surprised that Cryptic was surprised and unprepared by the amount of interested players for STO, but I am sure that they will be improving server capacity as quickly as they can. Many are complaining about the queue system, but let's look back a week and see how much the queue has improved the game instead of clicking Engage repeatedly until you finally snuck onto a server. People, we need to relax and let the Dev's do their jobs. Instead of whining about every little problem you see, report it through the proper channels so that it they can be fixed.

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