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# 1 Queue, Loading Times, etc
01-31-2010, 01:00 PM
Now let me start off by saying that expect flames, "trollpedos", and every other type of forum warfare possible. And again I will preemptively counter with the simple statement "u won teh interwebz". There with all the shenanigans out of the way I can get on to business.

My feelings about the topics on hand (read title if you don't know), are pretty mixed. I'm what some might call an "MMO" veteran. Having taken part in more launches of MMO's and even Open and Closed beta testing, I can say that what we are experiencing here is somewhat of the norm. I'll be as bold to say that this is even a rather clean start.

Grant it that doesn't mean its alright. Cryptic should be (and I'm sure they are) busting their asses to fix all the problems and with the deadline on the proverbial horizon its starting to hit home. Most of us in our "fanboi/gurl" rabies laden lather were bold enough to subscribe for the lifetime, or special yearly subscription. Of course this doesn't include all the pre-orders some of us did (myself included). So technically were allowed to ***** and moan to our hearts desire. Does that mean anything will get done faster? Probably not. Maybe *shrugs* who the hell knows.

One thing I do know is that, and this is mostly an factual assumption, Cryptic is doing everything within their power to please every last one of us in our raving attitudes right now. Some might say and have already claimed "WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK NAO". Well for those who purchased the lifetime I have this to say. Shut up and wait. What are you worried about? Its not like you or the game are going anywhere for a while. You don't have to worry about a monthly fee. So whats the big deal?

Ah but of course some of you might be saying "BWAH I don't have a lifetime account!". Well to you sir or ma'am, you do have a right to *****. More so than anyone else. But there is a slight loophole in that, that we are all graced with Cryptics big warm heart and given a month for free anyways. Will we lose out on some of that time? Most likely. Will Cryptic refund some of that time? Most likely as well.

So before I rant any further let me put this into a nutshell. The game is going to have glitches. People are going to *****. Eventually everything will get better and people will rejoice *cue Monty Python music*. But for the mean time I ask this? Why do you have to threaten just about everything under the sun short of death upon Cryptic? They are trying to resolve the issues. This is enough for me. Long queues. Sure I'll play along. Trouble loading into "instances". Pshh I've seen worse. Game constantly booting everyone off. BAH GIVE ME MORE CARNAGE! Ultimately and so far, this is a rather clean start to what is going to be a great game.

P.S. Keep up the good work Cryptic, don't listen to the ass-hats trailing gasoline behind them into every thread.

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