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Looking at the forums you'd expect this to be a "WAHH I'm canceling my subscription to STO" thread. This isn't... the game is a blast and i'm having fun. However i have a big problem with the way cryptic has handled some things that i think most of the reasonable player base will agree with.

There have been tons of problems, i expect most of us are aware that MMOs always start out of with some level of technical difficulty. Some more than others true, and i can't rank STO's as amongst the best by any means. What ever, i'll get over that and so will the player base despite the screaming.

What you're really doing wrong cryptic, and this is meant to be constructive is communicating like a brick wall. If there is a problem with the servers you should be posting something on the forums with in minutes. Just ignoring it fans the flames. Seriously, get a twitter account for server status and have one of your dudes carry a cell phone. It's super easy to deal with the problem.

Next time there's a server problem all he has to do is whip that phone out and type "Jerry spilled coke on login server, he's fired. Servers up in 20min. Make it so"

Frusterated, ****ed off and other wise unreasonable people just need some thing to focus their anger on. In this case Jerry and his can of coke will be the target, not the game which is quite frankly expected to have some bumps during launch.

So, there you go cryptic. It's called PR, and its pretty nearly free in this case and does wonders for a company.
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01-31-2010, 04:09 PM
It really has been my only major complaint. SWG and WoW had some big problems on release but they at least didn't leave everyone in the dark.

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