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# 1 I love this game
01-31-2010, 01:35 PM
I want to break the trend of the vocal minority to prove there are those of us that love this game.

I am sitting in a 10k queue so i felt i have time to post on the forums, not something i normally do.

You can tell the devs love this game and are huge star trek fans.

So in conclusion there are kinks in this game and i am sure those will be worked out patch after patch. But at its core STO is a fundamentally fun game with many hours of life in it and a vibrant enthusiastic community.

One thing i would ask for (beg for) is detailed patch notes every time there is a patch. Give us the nitty gritty details, dont dumb it down for us. Take a page from the fallen earth playbook let us see what you are fixing even if its some thing as mundane as "fixed overlapping texture issue in SB 24 debris field"

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