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Clearly overreacting about there being server queues would be childish and uncalled for, as it is almost the norm for online games recently. And i'm certainly not going to complain about bugs still remaining in the system, as being a dev at another company myself, I can easily understand the time and energy gone into fixing them.

Also, believing the feat of creating an online world and having it work on a grand scale across the country and world is no small task, I feel cryptic has done a superb job. Looking back I can remember much more frustrating releases in my time playing MMO's.

What about the quality of the game... Hmm, considering I'm not comparing it to WoW or any other MMO (as that would be like comparing apples to oranges), I feel this game has some legs to stand on. It's something unique in the market right now and a fresh breath of air welcomed in an otherwise "******** clone" filled market. Yes, I know that EVE has space pew-pew ships as well, but I don't want a time-sink like that, just something casual to fill my time outside of work and a social life.

So let's see, if I don't really have anything to complain about, what can I really say?

How is everyone on this fine Sunday afternoon?

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