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01-31-2010, 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by Cyborg_delta
As a life time sub I think the life timer's should get priority over the standard (sorry to the standard sub) for the sol fact that we have put $240+ the game as well into STO
Umm no. You have actually invested less money than someone who does NOT buy a life sub and would pay monthly for a year and a half. By your logic, the player or players with the most dollars paid to date should be highest in the queue? ROFLMFAO buddy. I sure hope you aren't playing a Vulcan character.

On a personal note I hope your plea for a divided plutocratic player base is ignored
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01-31-2010, 05:56 PM
Originally Posted by PyrionCelendil View Post
Lifetimers as proof that we're willing to spend that much money on something that hasn't even been released yet. Think of us as venture capitalists. Those who insist on only paying per month can cancel anytime, therefore they should be considered unreliable as a source of steady income, not to mention they are either incapable of doing the math to get a lifetime sub to save themselves money in the long run, or *gasp* they don't actually have any intention of sticking around past the first few months anyway.
Nah, now we'll just think of you as egotistical classists.

Speaking of commitments you lifers should be the most supportive, if you've already made the considered decision to be a lifetime subscriber. Since you're already so invested, why not try to help instead of coming here claiming ridiculous entitlements?
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01-31-2010, 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by Stonestar View Post
I see so many people on the forums here saying that Cryptic should have been able to prepare for the serer load better. I think that is an unrealistic point of view. I mean this is ****in Cryptic. Have you guys PLAYED Champions Online? It has the EXACT same server set up as this game and it runs like a piece of ****. Non-stop lag and I'm sure that there would be server queues too if anyone actually wanted to play that terrible game.
I've played and canceled Champions Online. It's scary how much of that game was ripped straight out of Cryptic's previous superhero offerings City of Heroes / City of Villains. (By the way the reason I quit CO was sucky support... ironic foreshadowing anyone?). It's even scarier how much of CO has been injected into STO. Go play a free trial of CO and you will see so many of the same game mechanics as STO uses, because Cryptic is using the same game engine for these games. They did new stuff for the space combat and the rest could be a carbon copy with a Star Trek skin. The STO character creation is just like the one in CHampions Online (and COH / COV)... with LESS options. I bet it took no more than 5 people to make STO starting with the already existing Cryptic Engine and some Star Trek graphics. It's just sad when you go back to the first official Star Trek Online that was going to be done by Perpetual Entertainment. They had people from the Star Trek shows to work with them and make it really Trek. Cryptic tossed out 99% of that and here we have our CO with Star Trek skin.

Aside from those unpleasant realities, the game is very enjoyable WHEN THE SERVER IS UP. I will not pay if I can't play when I want to with exceptions for scheduled maintenance and the odd crash / reboot that every game has experienced. Randomly occurring queues are STO's poison pill, Cryptic, so you better damn solve it NAO
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01-31-2010, 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by raymond.makowski View Post
This is my first MMO/PC game. I bootcamped my MAC and bought a copy of windows XP just to play it because it was Star Trek. It took me HOURS to setup and configure, I was unable to play most of the day saturday due to server downtimes and today there is a 1,000+ person WAITING LINE?!?!


why the FARK would anyone pay for this, AND pay an ADDITIONAL monthly fee? I buy something for my Xbox, I pay one price, put the disc in the tray, it runs instantly and looks 100 time better than this game on a top flight machine. And hey, I can actually play WHEN I WANT! (wow, revolutionary)

It's no wonder console gaming has become so popular. it just works.
Yup. I KNEW I should have stuck to my cry of "Screw you Cryptic you can't run a game!" when I quit Champions Online. The day I found out Star Trek Online had fallen into the hands of Cryptic, ultimately an Asian-based company that can't understand Star Trek in the sense of a culture where it was actually BROADCAST on TV, I had the cold kick in the stomach feeling, and wow I guess I should pull a GWBush and listen to my gut.
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01-31-2010, 06:18 PM
Originally Posted by Tricksty
And you think you could have planned it better?

It is always actually a good sign that we are having these issues now, it has been stated from Cryptic that more servers are on the way, but you see they do not have a server magician that can ust wave his little usb stick, mumble a few words, and the server appears out of no where.... they actually have to buy then, get them shipped, install them, test them, then go live.

Not everything is as black and white as you try to make out.
Then perhaps they should have pushed back launch to allow for equiment and coding to be in place to prevent such a cluster **** of a launch.

The problem here IMO is that cryptic is run by monkeys. They partner with Microsoft and Marvel, sell off intrest in COH, then when Marvel goes belly up they spend their cash to get the Champions IP and reskin the game. They get development rights to star trek and are short on cash, so sell off to Atari, who is basicly just a cash and grab company now. So basicly the launch of an MMO which is always a hassel is no longer a fluid date for when its ready, its ready now so atari makes back their money.

As a result any game cryptic launches now is going to be saddled with a "remember champions and star trek" image now. Cryptic as a company is basicly dead in the water. Especially if Star Trek gets as little post launch support as Champions did.

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