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Just out of interest I was wondering why other people have left MMO's before I go 1st with a list of my MMO's in chronological order of most recent

Cities XL (not really a MMO but similar)
Played - approx 5 weeks
Reason for leaving - Lack of online content.

Played - 4 weeks
RfL - Hours and hours spent in queue waiting to play and didnt like any of the classes playstyle much.

Champions Online
Played - 3 weeks
RfL - Terribly buggy lack of content end level lag made the game unplayable untested patch's (I could go on)

Played - 4 weeks
RfL - It wasnt really my kind of game too much traveling and spreadsheet game-play.

Played - 4+ years
RfL - fancied a break no real negative reasons for leaving.

RF Online
Played - 2 yearsish
RfL - Lack of patch's from developers and lack of players.

Played - 2 years
RfL - Just got bored of content and SOE dumbing the game down.

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