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Que numbers are meaningless, you will have better luck canceling and relogging.

Experiment i did:

After being stuck in the que at number 43 out of upwards of 1900 (number continues to move) for over 1 1/2 hours i thought i was bugged. Canceled and reloged. this time i was 175 out of 300. What happened to the 1600 plus people in the ten seconds i re logged. Figured what the hell Ill try again. this time i was 23 out of 100, did it again and i was 300 out of 430, did it again i was 56 out of 176. Did this several more times with results similar to the above, never the same always a low number with an increasing total. Then miraculously I was in the game (crashed soon after)

Any devs want to comment on that

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