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I'll admit I'm not a Cryptic customer service fan. The quote below, from a Cryptic employee, says it's always their goal to get "messaging up as quickly as possible."

How about you work on getting any communication (messaging) out as quick as possible about what is going to be happening, going forward, to fix the que/crashing servers.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that is still undecided on keeping their preorder or not. Lack of communication of what is being done or, at minimum, that a fix will be in place by start on Tuesday...some type of communication would be appropriate.

I can guarantee if this que system stays up through Monday night, I will not be entering my retail code into your game as I'd rather stand in a very short que at a local return line then sit in ques or be unable to log into. If I want to sit in long ques for a minute of fun here or there, I'll go to Disney Land.

It was my understanding (maybe I read it wrong?) that new servers were being added that would make up for this increase, yet I've not seen any communication since then about what or if this even happened yet.

What is going on at Cryptic that someone can't take 10 minutes to update a forum to help build confidence in gamers who are willing to stick it out for a little while if they know you promise to fix it and not just leave it in a mess with a que or not invest in more servers?

Communication is the easy part. All the server work, game code, etc is tough and has eaten the lives of workers there for 2 years now. Why throw some of that away by not communicating? It's the easiest part.

There has to be some type of customer service update to give to everyone...something. I want to stay, I want to play, but I need an update. A simple update. I would even accept another excuse of being unprepared and having to buy even more servers or they aren't up yet. C'mon, throw us a bone.

Originally Posted by GM_Destra
Hey Everyone,

Just recently we experienced an unexpected 2 hours outage. Thankfully, our programmers and server technicians were able to resolve the issue, and the server is now online.

I apologize that we were unable to get an update out to everyone sooner. It is always our goal to get messaging up as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

-Destra "

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