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I bought a life time sub and a preorder yay!!!!!!!! Actually I bought 2 collectors edition preorders so i could get the borg bo and the constitution. And guess what?? I couldnt be happier!!!! Why???? Cuz Im not playing right now!!!! Im waiting till the 2nd and even then I know for the next 6 months its still gonna be patch and go .

BUT Im still happy WHY???? cuz I didnt come into this game expecting a star trekexperience where leonard nimoy is my butler, data plays chess with me picard serves me tea, and klingons fear my name as orion slave girls throw themselveas at my feet ripping off there clothes.

In other words, its an mmo nothing more, and yeah theres gonna be problems and que queing about a Q is pointless. NOW if this persists after launch for over 2 weeks then we have a problem but until then go outside and play or something. MAN, u guyz act like youve never played an mmo at launch b4. Oh yeah thats right its not launch yet. Oh yeah thats right most of you havent played an mmo pre launch launch or no. NeverMind.
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01-31-2010, 03:31 PM
Okay then.
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01-31-2010, 03:37 PM
Man you come across as an arrogant jack ass I hope I am wrong.
Your right most people have not played an MMO pre launch but my guess is most people here have played MMO's. I played both WoW and EvE from launch both had lots of problems but neither would put you in a cue of 1900 players and I don't recall ever having to wait more than 1o minutes to get on to my favorite wow server at its peek ( earthen ring ).
I paid over $300 to play this game and I want to play it. I have limited time so when i get to play i expect to be able to log in in 5 minutes.
Cryptic should have understood from the traffic in these forums over the past many months and the numbers playing the open beta that this game would have huge numbers.
Either they are being cheap with the hard ware or they cant count.
That all said I do agree that they should be given two weeks after the official launch date to sort this mess out but in that time all the big reviewers will have written their reviews and long ques with crashing servers will equal a ****** score.

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