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02-03-2010, 04:06 PM
Originally Posted by Shotmagnet
I know your pain i am unemployed too, i used money i got for xmas for my lifetime sub. it was my xmas gift to myself.
I had to get money forwarded to me just to get the One Year sub and will be paying them back with my tax money. =(
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02-03-2010, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by Hornet331 View Post
No special treatment for lifer, period. And im lifer myself.
100% agreed.

Originally Posted by a1b2c3cal View Post
You people don't think they want my future money, get friends to subscribe buy more accounts? Think about it before typing bs...
i thought about it and my feeling that your wrong just grew stronger.

Originally Posted by bstiff
Because you're a lifer your money/friends are more important than ours?
thats how they are sounding, isnt it?

Originally Posted by Zebitty View Post
not happy to have paid for lifetime subscription and now sitting in a queue ..

+1 for the 'not happy' camp.

for once it would be nice to be _treated_ like a valuable customer instead of just being told i'm one.
they are not telling you your a customer, they are telling you your not more special than anyone else. your one of us, your an average person, the world is not going to end just because you have to wait.

Originally Posted by BladeParker View Post
Lifetime subscribers are people who invested in the company before they have proven themselves with this game. We have given them the benefit of the doubt and put our faith in them. We do deserve priority...
you deserve as much priority as anyone else does.just because you had a little extra money at the time, does not make you better or more important then anyone else.

Originally Posted by Woebetide
I paid 44.99 to D2D 2 months before they dropped the price (they offered me a 5 voucher off my next game instead of the actual money back) /sigh
I paid tax on my lifetime subscriber so actual amount paid was closer to 190 than the 158 advertised for UK players.

Current GBP to USD 1 British pound = 1.5956 U.S. dollars

Current spent in 234.99
Current spent in USD Equivalent $374.95

So to recap I've spent more than $300.
Do I want special treatment for being a lifer?
No I got extra character slots, ability to make Borg and no future monthly fee.
Am I happy that I have to queue to play the game?
No, but I'm patient I'll get in all in due time and it makes my wait all the sweeter knowing what I'll be playing once I get in
i think the term is QFT(quoted for truth?)

if you payed for a life time pass, and are complaining over having to weight in line, cry me a river.the fact of the matter is you no loner have to pay to play, you get extras the rest of us do not, that is what you payed for, you did not pay to be put ahead of anyone else and i doubt cryptic would implement that kind of thing into their pricing. you do not want to wait when the servers are full? so then you want them to boot another paying customer just for you?punish the rest of us because you feel an undue sense of entitlement?as i said earlier to anyone who thinks they should be treated better then everyone else, cry me a river.

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