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# 1 less than 1k people in queue?
01-31-2010, 03:11 PM
Im sitting here n the Queue, and it kinda hit me as strange that there are less than 1k people in queue. It got me thinking, how many people actually are online, logged in, and playing. From another post on here you can see that only Game Server 4 (out of 4) is up and running. My logic is this, it seems like there were absolutely incredible amounts of people playing in OB/HS, but without any real numbers to look at, im kind of proud of Cryptic for not massively overspending on the Game servers. If the numbers in Queue were astronomical, it would be one thing, but really, less than 1k isnt so bad. Any other people with Launch Experience have opinions on this relatively (albeit pre launch) number of people waiting to play?

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