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Are you a lone wolf. Like taking on things over your head. Do you like being out there alone just you and your crew? If you do but would like some captains to take on the big threats to the Federation then consider Fleet Troubleshooters.

To: Captain Stipe
Uss Phoenix
From: Admiral Quinn Starfleet command

You are hereby ordered to disengage all ties with your former fleet. You have been drafted into Fleet Troubleshooter. Your new orders are to patrol the alpha sector as you see fit. You will answer only to me or those under my comnmand. I will have various tasks for you. In between missions you are to seek out those in aid and provide assistance as you see fit. Troublehshooters is for the lone wolf captains who are brilliant at Starship command but wither under the rigid yoke of control. You may recruit others into this fleet. The credo is simple provide aid as needed and defend your fellow captains as they request. Captain you and your fleetmates will be on the front lines of federation defense and exploration. You have been given a unique opportunity to function independant of standard starfleet protocols do not fail my trust in you.

To my fellow captains if you like to play mostly solo/independant but would like a place to call home and other captains you can call upon when in need then look no further. We need you in troubleshooters. Other fleets have to many rules and rigid command structures then turn to us. We are a crew of dedicated causal captains who seek the adventure wihtout the restrctions but like knowing we have fellow captains covering our rears.

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