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hi its me again

i would love to see the ability to toggle on and off many of the social interaction items in the game like popup messages toggled to the mini button on the right instead of a popup window that covers everything. if it appears on the bottom right as a small button it would be easier to manage.

also, can we streamline the base station landing? i would love to turn off the steps to transporting to a station.
its great to look at but its not practical. for instance we should be able to turn off the animation when we reach a base station like sol and just beam to the station, no warp in, no having to fly again to dock etc. docking should have a mini button on the right hand corner and not a huge popup we are only docking you see. we should be able to beam from sector space to sol and memory alpha as an option. at the very least if this isnt possible to toggle off can we get the ability to beam to the station alot closer to where we warp in? its weird that we have to fly at max inpulse after warping just to get in range to beam down. its not a map where we have any enemies at the moment.

tooltips for consoles, i have no idea what these enhancements affect most of the time. astrometrics and photonic theory what abilities do those enhance in a ship?

lastly, the crew trainer listings should be placed in two different lists one for space and one for ground per rank. its very hard to train your bridge crew when you have to figure out if its a space ability or a ground ability. the text in the tooltips for these abilities is sometimes hard to read.


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