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OK, from an observation point of view,
open beta's are used to test the server, to see if the server can handle the workload, to clean up the majority of issues that any MMO would have starting out.
From my point of view,
the beta time was too short, there are WAY too many issues within the beta to the so-called "HEAD-START", and now the official opening of the game to warrant the game going forward.
This weekend alone there were fewer then 24 hours of consistent game playing without one issue or another causing the server to crash, the staff shutting it down, malfunctions with the game in general to cause non-access.
these issues i have seen since the open beta, and the major issues have either been "BAND-AIDED", or bypassed, and now the same issues are cropping up in the head-start.
From my point of view on this,
"A". for the first 6 months to a year ANY MMO will have issues, shutdowns, you name it.
"B". cryptic needs to choose its words wisely, and needs to back this games opening by 6 months, forcing the "opening", will do nothing but just **** people off, they WILL lose customers, and i don't mean 1 or 2.
"C". if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, when they offer a limited time "lifetime" subscription, that should pop up a red flag with you, it did with me, and now people are *****ing.
"D". "pay to play", if you've already preordered the game, 95% of the companies you've ordered from have already sent you your "HEAD-START" code to get ahead of the game-play, this is "pay to play", i have a receipt for my head-start, don't state your getting this for free, your not.

This is just a loose observation from a somewhat non-bias point of view,
if im wrong, im wrong, i can admit it,
cryptic should follow suit,
and atari, if i was them, i'd be embarrassed,
they've done a wonderful job in gaming up to this point, over 40 years of gaming.


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