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# 1 About the reputation areas
12-07-2013, 02:01 PM
Since some or all of the older reputation areas may se a revamp, I thought I?d comment on what I like and dislike about the gameplay and other systems, and perhaps share a few ideas.

First off, the way we don't have to use marks to raise reputation but can concentrate them in the equipment projects is great. It spells the difference between a rep grind that is challenging and one that is simply annoying and boring. The same goes for the redesin of the gear progression.

If you don't change anything else in the reputation systems, this is the one thing that really should come through. Also, maybe add some sort of upgrade projects for those who have lower tier Omega or whatever gear to turn those in along with some more marks and stuff to gain the higher tier.

The New Romulus ground zone is my personal favourite. It contains a lot of diverse gameplay, but is mostly centered around exploration with a bit of combat thrown in on the side. This is great for players like me who enjoy the exploration and discovery type gameplay, and for those who prefer heavier combat there's the various STF's.

The main thing about the Dyson ground zone I like is that the objectives are all cooperative. While it is possible to steal a kill or two, or have some stolen, that is hardly relevant since it isn't the number of dead Voth that counts but rather the collaborative effort to take zones. Cooperation by default. Contrast this with the Borg ground zone where every single objective happens in direct competition with every other player within sight. This is, at least for me, terribly frustrating.

Also, on a more general note: making a nice-looking zone with a lot to explore, but filling it with rapidly respawning enemies (which is necessary if all players are competing for kills) which by their numbers alone hamper or prevent exploration is really annoying. The Romulus and Dyson zones are great in this regard, I get to look around and see all the nice environments you have built, but the fights are still reasonably challenging when they occur.

One other thing I really like about the Dyson zones is the Duty Officer assignments. It has always seemed a bit silly to put the captain on the ground, even in the company of a couple of bridge officers, while the whole rest of the crew stays on the ship in orpit picking their collective noses. Even if the DOff assignments don't yield a lot of marks, it's at least something to keep them busy :-)

About the STFs: the Borg ground instances are much too complicated. Not difficult, exactly, but with too many objectives. Particularly with the timed bonus objectives. This makes them a lot less attractive to players who for some reason or other cannot go in with an experienced premade group. I have made a lot of attempts to play them, but have been in successful attempts only twice. I'm not sure exactly how to improve them, but changing the bonus objectives to not be on a timer might go a long way. One great thing done with Legacy of Romulus was that players got to experience the STFs as missions first, as part of the Romulan introduction campaign. That way, we were a lot more prepared for them in the harder STF versions. If that was done to the Borg and other runs, it would also serve to extend the playable episodes, win - win! And yes, this applies to the Dyson STFs as well.


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