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Often, depending on the zone I'm attempting to enter, my game will hang and crash at the loading screen for the next map unless I first reduce my graphical options before zoning. Once I successfully zone I'm able to adjust my graphic settings upwards again and continue with my gameplay.

Doing this repeatedly and often is fairly tedious and time consuming. It would help immensely if we were given an option to save and load our graphical preferences. Even if the problem which causes these zoning lockups to happen is eventually fixed, being able to save and load different preference files would still allow us to easily set and recall different levels of detail for when we're in space versus on an away mission, or in a crowded starbase versus being alone on a mission (one such setting often being more demanding on our hardware than the other).

In a nutshell, I'm looking for the ability to save my current graphic preferences and the ability to reload those saved files, in order to switch between setups more easily as needed.

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