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01-31-2010, 04:09 PM
I'm not playing the head start for three reasons.

1. I can not get my head start key from the game stop I ordered from for some reason until, you guessed it, the 2nd.

2. I don't feel like arguing with the guy at the local game stop because I had a major issue with the launcher half way through beta for the game and had to uninstall it. since it takes two days to re-download it and it dosn't seem to work anyway when I do that, I'v given up until I get my hard copy.

3. I wanna play with my original series connie the first day I play, not wait a week.

I hope they make it so the game is actualy playable the first week and not spending all my time in a stupid Q!!!!!! I wish I knew who the idiots where who where posting about how that'd be such a great thing during open beta.

If I knew who they are I'd . . . I'd . . . .I'd scream at my monitor.

Lt. Commander
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01-31-2010, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by Newbie
Why does everyone think there going to be alot more people on tuesday? Most of the people that want to play this game are already playing. Who would wait to buy the game and play on tuesday, when they could've been playing right now?
Your Name say's it all Newbie Because if u Read anything about this game or there PO's . That Canada, Aussia, and of corse ppl who don't bank and only got cash and not many store's around yes not everyone live's in big city's or even High pop. area's will be going to get there copies Tuesday.

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