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# 1 Login/Queue Suggestions
01-31-2010, 03:43 PM
I will be the first to admit that I'm a bit annoyed with the performance of the server the last couple days. I haven't had much problems when I'm actually in the game, but as we're all aware, the server's been down for extended periods and today we are greeted with an ever so fun queue. That being said, I thought I would try to provide some constructive criticism in an effort to get something implemented that should keep the players a bit less annoyed.

There is something in this regard that I believe STO would benefit greatly from by taking a page out of WoW's book. In WoW, when you log in and there's a queue in progress due to high activity, you enter the queue before choosing your character, you wait the duration and then after you choose the character you want to play you enter the game instantly. If you choose the option to logout, and even most of the occasions when you DC, you are returned to the Character Selection screen, bypassing the queue entirely. Basically, the jist of it is...we shouldn't be penalized for wanting to change characters or for being DC'd.

I'm really hoping this is some kind of test of the queue system or something along those lines like they did towards the end of beta. If the server can't handle the load from headstart, launch is going to be a bit of a nightmare.

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