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# 1 Log in queues and no support!
01-31-2010, 04:52 PM
Really! is this how i and probably many others are going to be greeted "we´re sorry but the servers are full and there is a queue"! This is NOT acceptable! I paid allot of money to be able to play this game when ever i want to or at least as often, i can understand maintain and patching, but log in server queues...!!! I am NOT going to play this game nor am i going to recommend it to any of my friends if this is going to be regular thing here at STO! If this will be the case, i will get refunded and i will much rather play games like EVE-online where there is no queues and one universe for all! It is a shame to see STO go like this in flames after an awesome beginning and an awesome game play, but ruined with server log in queues! I hope those will be fixed as soon as possible!

I find it sad i have to do this here at the forums which brings me to my next problem as the support doesn´t work here on
I cannot create tickets for the issues i am having, the links in the ticket creating system dose not work, so aether, the STO team is ignoring people by making it hard to get support or they want people to wait in lines to get into the game servers so they can issue in game tickets that may or may not be fixed!

Please fix this before official launch so we can all enjoy this awesome game!

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