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01-31-2010, 05:05 PM
I would like to propose a solution to the que issue;

I vote that everyone who paid for this game be given a higher spot in the que.

Imagine this system;

You log in and if you are paying for this game you get added into the first available que slot.
If you are not paying for this game, you can not log in.

wonderful system eh?

/end sarcasm/wit

In truth what Im trying to get across are these three points;

--1; If you are a lifer posting to say 'we should get higher que positions' please leave now.
I don't want to even have to deal with you if you can't see the simple logic;

*A; your 'logic' essentially says that since you paid for a lifetime sub you ought to get benefits above and beyond what was promised.
ANSWER; No. You paid for exactly what you paid for, you have no right (for starters) to ask for extra benefits. Thats like going to a restaurant and ordering a 3 course meal, then complaining because you weren't taken to the head of the order line simply because you ordered an unusually large meal.
Its like going to a fast-food place, ordering a meal, then whining and asking for an extra order of fries for no reason at all.

*B; Your 'logic' is also flawed in this respect; those of us who aren't lifers will be paying MORE than you int he end. So would you like to institute a system whereby we bump YOU down in the que?
I didnt' think so.

--2; At the risk of sounding fanboi-ish or like a broken record... It is headstart.
You can expect LAUNCH itself to be rocky, much less a headstart, and IMHO this headstart has gone far more smoothly than we had any right to expect as has the beta before it.
In any case, Cryptic will upgrade their hardware to suit the demands being placed on the system.
Just chill and be patient.

--3; Instead of whining, QQing, giving Lifetime-subers a bad name, or giving this game a bad name....
Try these alternative options;

--1; CELEBRATE!!! increased demand = this game is doing WELL! We do want that don't we?
--2; Do something FUN or CONSTRUCTIVE here on the forums. Forums can be fun yes?
You are for once in your life among your own species; lovers of Star Trek. enjoy that.
--3; Go outside an breathe, or maybe eat, or use the toilets (Star Trek characters never seem to and look how they turn out XD)

Now, Im not sorry if I offended anyone, have a nice day

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