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# 1 Assignments buffs related
12-10-2013, 07:41 AM
I never pay too much attention to my assignments buffs, since i always collect the reward and the buff starts in that instant, but because most of the times im not doing space combat missions (im mostly on reputation places like Defera), the ridiculous timer of 1h30 minutes of the buff expires anyways.

Now, i always collected the rewards that gives me buffs because i suposse the doffs involved in the assignment are stucked until i collect the rewards. I gues this is correct? So, i need them if i want to re-assign em everywhere (my idea was to let those assignments in the "collect reward" mode until i am going to use those buffs).

So, my question is ,is there any way to chose when you want the buff from an specific assignment active or u cant do anything about it (honestly i really surprised that the assingment buffs are time limited, not for example a pool, sometimes it is just non-sense).

Now im getting assignment buffs more often (the time has come where i have a lot of purple / blue doffs), but i almost never use em. Feeling it is a waste of time and doffs.

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