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# 1 To Complain or not Complain
01-31-2010, 05:50 PM
Well, my 1st post on this game forum and tbh i have spent over 50% of my time when not enjoying real life and work, on here reading numerous post concerning people either complaining about the way the game is running, (of which they are 100% entitled too) and other people complaining about how people are complaining.

Im not asking for any miracles here so i wont ask they you all get along

I have been an avid gamer since ... oooh Atari 2600 consoles with PacMan in the 1970's / 1980's and have played numerous mmo's from EvE, WoW, ****, Ultima, ****, Perfect World, Atlantica, SWG, etc etc etc etc ............../Yawn list goes on and on.

Owning atm a total of 4 PC's 2 Laptops and numerous consoles from the old Atari STE and Amiga 1200 to the current XBOX 360 and have played games and beaten them before a lot of you forum members were a twinke in your daddie's eye.

When a game didnt work or live up to your expectations as with most purchases in life you as a CONSUMER have 100% right to complain / ask for a refund. So please lay off the people who have in my opinion every right right to complain. This forum is the only place they feel they will be heard. Understandably there will be those who will flame you over this or those who like to comment on every written post and even those who have their head so far up a corporations *** that they will complain about you complaining.

In my personal experience this has to be in 29 years of gaming the worst experience to date. No mention from anyone who knows whats hapening about what is happening and too many people guessing. Yes it is a "Head Start" NOT BETA open or Closed, Would you really accept this in real life? .....

Enter a shop and pay for an item and then wait for say.......5 hours before you reiceve it?
Pay for a nice shiney ferrari and upon delivery recieve a beat up VoltsWagon?

Having also studied in computing and worked for various years in retail i would say NO. What is happening is not acceptable and the fact there is no input from the powers that be is shameful.

Are they huddled in the staff room pulling straws on who should enter the forum and face the public?

For those who feel the need to rant and complain - DO SO and i hope your heard.
For those who like to complain about peoples rights - Come back in about ...10 years or so when you have grown up and then type something worth reading.

STO = A waste of money, a rushed game and a group of staff who have yet to face up to problems and quit hiding and answer the masses as to whats going on. In the meantime im off to play some Modern Warfare 2. (yes its riddled with hackers but i dont have to wait and it has no bugs or downtime.)

Have fun!
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# 2
01-31-2010, 06:01 PM
Of course they have the right to complain. But can't they do it in one thread? <LOL>

People are frustrated. Most of the complainers are just venting those frustrations. In a couple of weeks when the problems are ironed out they'll be in the game enjoying themselves. Including a number of the people who have angrily denounced the game and claimed to have deleted it forever.

However, many of the complainers are making assertions with no evidence whatsoever to back them up which don't even make sense. Like, all the devs have the weekend off and that's why everything is FUBAR. Really? On a head start weekend? That doesn't make sense. Or, they are doing this ON PURPOSE. Yeah, the hallmark of a successful business...anger your client base. Or that they are completely inept. If they were, this would have been vaporware (mildly inept, sure, but completely inept?). Another person is blaming the brass for not knowing what they're doing and mucking things up. Definately a possibilty, but is it what happened? So many conspiracy theories abound! And, of course, any person who points out that a theory isn't likely, or that they're working on the problem (as Kestrel the dev stated) is completely dismissed as the blind rantings of a rabid fanboi blindly defending Cryptic.

Which is funny, of course. On the one hand you have an obviously angry person screaming, ranting, cussing, etc. On the other hand a well spoken, quiet, and polite poster. And it's the LATTER that is supposedly rabid <LOL>. Ah well. Such is the internet.

Ultimately, patience is called for. Yelling isn't going to accomplish anything, and there's nothing else we can do except contact billing and demand a refund. So why throw a temper tantrum?

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