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# 1 Question on AoE damage
12-11-2013, 02:24 PM
I recently had made a discovery that disappointed me greatly. Until just a few weeks ago, I did not know that CSV had a limit to the number of targets it hit. I finally noticed this in Khitomer, when I attacked a cluster of 4 probes, and I was only killing 3, and then had to AA the last one down.

This led me to wondering... what abilities in STO do 'true' AoE damage - that hits all enemies within the area of effect? I know that Gravity Well does - in fact, shortly after the aforementioned discovery, I went on to purchase a Vesta, and built a rather nice sci captain. However, the problem with GW, other than the numerous bugs that affect the skill, is that its a DoT, and takes forever to kill and medium to large vessels. And that's just in PvE; in PvP, it's nigh useless.

I want to have a character that can deal a ton of (preferably burst) damage to an unspecified number of targets in a cluster. How would I go about doing so? Would I need to use the Kumari?

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