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Can we get some more customization capabilities...I know we talked about this during beta, but I wanted to bring it back up. I know there's other things in this game that can be worked on, but that doesn't mean we can't ask for it.

1) Have your BO holster their weapon if you switch them to "Passive" mode. This adds to immersion for diplomatic & non-combat situations. I also just read someone suggesting that they holster also when your character does. That works too.

2) Make the Chief insignia available for an officer who is an Ensign. For some reason, Chief only appears as an option once a BO (or PC for that matter) is the LT rank. Is that intentional?

3) Allow us to title our BOs. Be able to select from Chief Medical Officer, a Chief Engineer, a Chief Tactical Officer, a First Officer, a Second Officer/Chief of Ops, maybe Counselor, etc. It really would add to the immersion factor...and make us feel like we're really managing our ships. Especially as we acquire multiple BOs of the same class. It would be cool if each title could give a small stat related bonus...but just titling at all would be good enough.

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