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04-10-2014, 09:05 AM
Join today for an exp with a old fleet that r eally makes u feel like family .if u don't wana be family then keep it movein lol.
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04-11-2014, 09:59 PM
A force for whats right an good in the known galaxy.join us today an keep the peace an expand our federation.become part of a proud tradition of friendly family fun!
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04-11-2014, 10:24 PM
I cannot remember if I posted before, but if not here is my post. Great to have been here for all this time, great fleet. Looking forward to season 9.
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Great to be back after this horrific winter. Ha, still have some snow about...

<Click> "Federation Fleet", it will bring you to our web site. All are welcome, "Apply to Fleet" to join one of the best

and oldest fleets!

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join today an get yours they are awesome!
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Admiral Log, stardate

Chapter 1
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
How do i start, so much has happened in the last 2 weeks and i need to keep a record before i start to forget.

The U.S.S. Battlestar was back at ESD getting a refit. She took some previous blaster damage on the starboard nacell port and her Manifold was starting to lose integrity at a faster rate at high speeds. Plus there was some newer systems we were having upgraded since her last time in Utopia Planitia shipyards.

After the Refit she was purring like a kitten again rearing for action. We had an asignment from starfleet command to patrol the neutral zone before heading off to track and scan a new comet that had been discovered on starfleets long range sensor array at Jupiter Station.

Seemed like an ordinary and simple set of tasks so the crew engaged at warp 5.5 for the neutral zone and the night shift took over as i finally got some much needed rack time.

Well that much needed rack time was pretty dramatically cut short. At around 2 am i awoke with wat can only be compared with hearing an explosion hitting the hull. I found my self still half asleep and being thrown hard right out of bed on to the starboard wall of my qauters.

I hit my head pretty hard and it took me a few moments to gather my senses and get to my feet. In this time there was a lot of noise and commosion and the red alert claxon must of been raised as when i opened my cabin door the hall lights were all flashing red. And some of the crew were moving to there battlestations.

I knew immediatly there was eps conduits blown out as i could see the gas pouring down from above.

Id tried to raise the bridge on my comm badge but no one would answer. Infact i couldnt get anyone to answer. There was an emergency forcefield up just before my route from the Admirals Quaters to the turbo lift so i had to use the jeffreys tubes which i try to be in as little as possible these days. Jeffrey Tubes are fine when your a cadet but by the time you make admiral there a lot tougher to use quickly.

It was in the Jeffreys Juice while climbing down to the bridge i came across one of my Bridge Officers, a very capable Andorian known only as Sufak. He had been injured and it looked pretty bad. He said he was speaking to the bridge when all contact was cut off and he had been unable to get back in touch with them.

This worried me a great deal. As the reason could not of been good.

After climbing up 2 decks we reached the Bridge floor and there was a medic kit next to the hatch so i used a dermal regenerator on Sufaks arm and his antenna, He had been going to Tenforward when the EPC conduits next to him burst into flame shoving him across the corridor and into the ceiling on the other side. Luckily he only had burns to 17 percent of his body .. ive seen worse from an eps conduit blast out.

Sufak asked for his mommy a few times but after i repaired his arm and antenna he seemed to come back to his senses and he had a very determined look in his eye. I knew that look as i had also got it.. It was one that said what ever has just happened. Were going to Find out what the hell is going on and were going to save this ship.

We had to use emergency override pump handles at either side of the doors to the bridge to open them. I couldnt raise the computer as the comm badge seemed to be having difficultys. And the reason for the communication blackout was pretty apparent. As soon as the doors opened a blast of air almost picked us off our fleet but an emergency forcefield popped up just in time.

There was a hole above the bridge .. this was not an accident this was an attack. And there was no sign of the night bridge crew at all.. I could only hope that some of them managed to get out.

Chapter 2
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

We tried to use the turbo lift but it was out so again we had to take to the Jeffrey tubes and make our way down to Engineering, With the Bridge destroyed and mostly blown out to space we had to head for the secondary bridge in engineerings command station.

engineering was 20 decks down from the bridge. We had to stop a few times and drink water from the first aid kit but we made good time and just before we got to Engineering the first thing we could hear was people talking and yelling.

It was a pretty sweet thing to hear when you cant get hold of anyone via the comm badge. But i could hear my cheif engineer Gnorman and commander Steve giving out tasks to the juniour crewe. When we pulled each other out of the jeffrey tube into engineering there was teams going back into it saying greetings admiral as they passed.

Immediatly i got a status report. It turned out while in warp we had been attacked by what appeared to be a massive Klingon Vessel. A Negh'Var Battle Flag ship had stumbled across our warp trail and decided this the Flag ship of the Federation Fleet a mighty Sovereign class Mutlipurpose warship was simply to much to let go without a battle.

The bridge crew were running 17 different deep diagnostics of the completed systems that we had just had refreshed as part of the refit. It was my order to run the diagnostics as i wanted to know some of the upgraded and new systems were better than she had before. But i failed to see that while running them all together i put the ship to that much work she practically didnt see the Negh'Var decloak until she had fired her first volly of torpedo's. And U.S.S. Battlestars sheilds had been down. With no contacts on the sensors the night crewe hadnt thought they were needed.

Of course she has 2 plates of Ablative Armour but if you hit a ship in the right places hard enough every ship has certain weak points.

It looks like the bridge was blown out first and the night crewe sadly were blown out into space. I can only hope they didnt suffer for long. Some of them i had trained my self at the accademy and were a damm fine crewe.

Gnorman had raised red alert from Engineering and had set the computer to automatically target the attacking ships weapons systems and defend the ship unaided while he tried to get hull breaches across the ship under control. He had sent out the distress probe and between sending his injured crewe to sickbay and fixing the ship his hands were pretty full. His quick thinking saved the ship of that i have no doubt.

Main sensors were offline and Steve was in the procress of bypassng the primary computer core to get systems back online using the secondary systems. Sounds simple but when consoles are exploding around you it suddenly becomes a very dangerous job. I ordered Sufak to stellar cartography so he could relay sensor information directly and lt commander Ethan Adams had just came in with food and water and medpacks. I asked him if this was the time and he told me it was exactly the time and he may of been right. Looking around the crewe needed the pick me up and he was making sure they all got it.

Chapter 3
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

There was suddenly a huge roll and another round of torpedos hit the hull. I swear i could hear them one by one smashing into her. I counted 5 .. ill give the Negh'Var one thing she can put out a hell of a lot of damage in a short time. But it just told the crewe that we were still not out of it yet. suddenly more lights flickered on and the computer started talking and immediatly my comm badge starting getting messages from all around the ship. Steve had got secondary systems up and running and now we were at least not blind and cut off.

We managed to go to warp and were running towards a nebula 7 light years away. Gnorman told me not to push her in her current state but i set maximum warp plus 5 percent .. I knew he was right and i kept hearing his warning in my head but in my mind if we didnt get to the nebula we wouldnt have a ship left and by ignoring Gnorman i may destroy her without the Negh'vars help. So i was in a dammed if i do and dammed if i dont situation. Every Captain / Admirals worst fear.

I ordered all senior officers to there posts and informed the crew the secondary bridge had been activated. I spoke to all hands. ''Admiral to all hands, [claxon sounded] we have been in many battles and been through many tests and we have the flagship of the federation at our fingertips. I have faith in each and every one of you and i know your training has prepared us all to come through this''.

Ethan Adams made me eat some BBQ chicken .. my favourite i wasnt in the mood for food at that time but he was almost feeding me it .. i hadnt even fought about it but after 22 deck climbs in jeffrey tubes it was perfect. Sufaq patched through from Steller cartography, he had got partial sensors on line and could see the Negh'Var following us. He informed me we were increasing the gap between us but she was firing everything she had in our path. So the Negh'var had teeth but she couldnt hold our speed. Just then he recieved a hail from a ship answering our distress probe. It was Captain Glenn Goolie of the U.S.S. ThunderChild. She was in an Akira class vessel and she was making best speed to renedous at the nebula. It would of been the best news ever if it was not for the fact that she was going to take 23 hours at best to get there.

Just then there was an explosion in one of the power consoles and 3 ensigns were hurt. I got Cheif medical officer Francisakirk to beam them straight to the sickbay and i my self got a fire extinquisher and put the fire out. Gnorman told me we couldnt hold that speed any longer or i was risking more explosions. So i ordered us to warp 7. Gnorman had shored up the shields and was multitasking all over engineering. Its times like this you see what a super engineer he can be. I could hardly ignore his warp speed warnings any longer. Almost immediatly sufak was telling us the Negh'Var had now started gaining on us. And from what he could tell she hadnt took much damage at all from the Computers Atonomous firing control.

Chapter 4
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

FrancisaKirk at this point informed me he had fixed up the ensigns and 2 were returning to engineering and one was going back to his quaters for bed rest. He also informed me he had upwards of 23 crewe members in sick bay from all over the ship. Lt Lynch was in serious but stable care. it was touch and go but Francis was pulling out all the stops to fix him up.

So we had a predator gaining and the ship was in pretty bad shape. We had a ship on route to assist but she was not within reach and the senior crew was in engineering and other sectors of the ship since the bridge was destroyed. It sounds strange but in such utter chaos the crewe were performing brillaintly. It was like there training had all kicked in and they were pulling the ship together as if we werent under constant attack.

Since Steve had got the secondary computer core on line and the computer was back in action the ship although heavily damaged was now capable again of putting up a battle. Although if i was going to put her bk into the fight i was going to do it on my grounds and on my battle field. The klingons were not answering hails and they were still firing torpedos in our direct path. We were around 12 minutes from weapons range and 17 minutes from the Nebula. The game of war was afoot.

I knew what ever we were going to do we were within there weapons arc for 5 minutes. And within there 5 minutes a lot can happen. Just my ship had hull breachs in several decks and from what we could tell the Negh,var was in one peace. I had to think hard while answering crewe's calls and also doing several duties at once within engineering.

Chapter 5
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It just dawned on me. Back at the shipyards duiring the refit we took on 4 tricobalt devices. as an addition to the ships quantum torpedo's. Tricobalts were to be used in emergency situations only and this for my crewe was an emergency. I had ensign Nador turn one into a remote mine. It would be a pretty obvious object with the power signature of a tricobalt device but if i could just slow the Negh'Var enough i could get my ship into the nebula.

Nador fitted it with tracking systems and Sufak used the sensors to fire it directly towards the middle point of the following beast. Everyone went silent despite doing so many jobs at the same time. And we just waited crossed fingered to hear a detonation. The negh'var fired 3 photonic torpedos at it and indeed turned right 30 degree's. It didnt buy us much time but perhaps it bought us just enough.

We remote detonated the tricobalt device turned torpedo but sufak told us it went off still too far from her to do more than 40 percent sheild damage. But that was some damage at least and ill take that quite happily. The crewe cheered although it was not over yet.

From what we could tell now it was 5 minutes to firing range and 8 minutes to the nebula. 3 minutes of firing all she had was better than 5. I had all hands prepare for battle stations, i transferred wat was left of auxiluary power into the rear shields and full spreads of torpedos were standing bye. And 5 minutes may not sound long but when your waiting for a battle somehow they seem to treble in there length even its just in your mind.

Sufak had an idea from stellar cartogethy, he was going to use the deflector to send a pulse of ionised plasma articles out the rear of the ship. He believed it would in effect scramble there sensors for around 25 seconds. And at about 2 minutes from the nebula i had him emit the ionised plamsa and when there sensors were scrambled i took the ship out of warp and turned her around. It seemed to work as the Negh'var continued in warp going right past us for several seconds. Althouth now she was between us and the nebula cloud.

It didnt take her long to come around and she dropped out of warp firing. That ships captain was out for blood even more so than normal for a Klingon. She had a point to prove but this time the ship was prepared and not caught off gaurd.

I ordered full spread torpedo salvos and continued high yeild phaser fire. I set evasive pattern Riker 2 To keep my bow on the Negh,var while continueing at full impulse. And finally we were damaging there ship as well as taking damage. The Negh'var used its battle cloak several times ducking and diving in and out of firing seqeunces. Though each time she decloaked we fired salvo after salvo at her.

Shields were down to 23 percent so i turned to Evasive Pattern Janeway Epilson and turned our port on the ship but from the earlier battle damage we were coming off worse off in this battle. So i gave the order to enter the Nebula.

The Negh'var fired all the way in following us immediatly behind. Once in the Nebula we lost sensors and shields and i had the ship rise 680 meters above our last location and hold position. Deep in a pocket of nebula gases.

Francisakirk told us there was some gases leaking into sickbay so we raised forcefields around sickbay using the power from the shield system. The Negh'var was firing weapons at different points throughout the Nebula. I knew if we were hit the already breached hull would weaken further.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

To be Continued

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04-23-2014, 09:48 AM
Awesome story so far.cant wait to see if I screw up I already cried for my mommy in front of the whole fleet so meh .....lolz
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I want to note that even tho I cried I was thrown into a bulk head an injured severly. also I look good in danger an didn't look like a girl at all .(feels ears burning)so in conclusion im awesome,not a girl,and definatley was not apart of the night bridge crew whew.
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Putting new banner together fleeties so please be ready 12pm Saturday. all others ill have to take screenshotas an add you in.please be there if you can.
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# 4080 banner saturdays
04-25-2014, 09:34 PM
so an update on the banner I will be on earth space dock every sat till the end of may. first sat in june I will unveil the new banner for ok from the admirals. 12pm pacific standard time.

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