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# 1 Client Crash due Breen Raider
01-16-2014, 07:05 AM
An oddball issue... In order of what happens/happened:

- obtained Breen Raider and opened the box (result: game crashed)
- ...reload...
- try to select the (now in ship selector, ofc) Breen Raider to equip/fly/etc (result: game crashed)
- ...verify all files pre-launch; reload game...
- try select the Breen Raider, again (result: game crashed)
- *lots of boggling*

I see them Raiders just fine and dandy in space w/o hiccups. But when I try to take a peek at my own such - game crashes burning. What gives? I have no idea...

Oh, and visuals of Mogh ships are still amiss for me, be it in space or elsewhere...
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