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# 1 intel graphics
01-07-2014, 02:05 PM
hello guys and girls I have been doing some research and testing and wanted to pass on my knowledge and perhaps it will help some people out their in the same situation.

a week ago I bought a Lenovo thinkpad running a t3100 1.9ghz Celeron processor duel core running a intel 4500mhd graphic card the results were very poor I always wanted a thinkpad and hoped it could play star trek online and it does checked a website to see if the specs would work according to it my system was not able to cope only getting a 2 on the graphics.

I thought bugger it I try it any way believe it or not it did work although the graphics was very pixelated compared to my amd ati a6-3400 hp laptop. I decided to send it back to seller on ebay and go for the i3 and intel gpu 3000 difference in chips is 3 years so I am expecting a vast difference I will update this thread and let you know what happened hope it helps basically the 4500mhd is crap as its not on the cpu its on the board.

yes I know intel chips are crap you need a dedicated one but I have the ass kicking machines in the form of a desktop pc and imac for the high end stuff but I wanted some thing I could play in bed when my back plays up. and always love the look of the old ibm thinkpads.
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 6
# 2 update
01-14-2014, 03:44 PM
ok I did it got the i3 thinkpad and what a difference 3 years makes the i3 2100ghz 2310 i3 with its instigated gpu 3000 on the processor works a treat it is so much better no pixels i can see and runs smooth at normal res. what can i say beats the celeron .put ssd drive in it and 8 gb of ram so its powered up know. made right decision any one out their thinking of doing the same go for it the i intel processors with their hd graphics are so different from the old ones the difference is night and day.

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