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As the title says, i cant take screenshots in DX 11. Well, i can, but they turn out horrible.
I did a post on this late last year. At the time, i was unable to take screenshots in full screen mode at all. The only way i could do it, was going in to windowed mode, but they would turn out all blue.

This time, i am able to take screenshots in full screen,(so a bit of progress has been made since ), but they come out with red in them.
Here are a few screenshots showing the red.

This picture is sitting outside Defera. You can clearly see how the nebula has a red tinge to it and my ship even appears to have red in it. The ship has the Reman shields on it,(the one that gives that green glow to it).

This picture is also outside Defera. But it seems there is still a trace of the blue in the screenshots, as Defera itself appears to be a blue shade instead of its sandy looking shade

This is the character select screen where it shows how dominant the red is in the screenshot.

I do hope it is sorted out soon, just would be nice to take full advantage of my system

Oh, and when minimizing the game, (to go to desktop), from full screen, when bringing the game back up, you have to go in to options and select the " Full Screen" mode again. For some reason, every time you go to desktop, it changes it from full screen to windowed mode.

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