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# 1 I Love This Game!!!!!!!
01-31-2010, 09:30 PM
Despite all the downtime and getting kicked off the server "mid mission," missions that don't work and quirky ground play, this game is AWESOME!!!! It has MAJOR potential. I love the ship battles, the graphics are glorious. The environments on the ground missons are interesting and beautifully made. I think the tribbles reproducing in your inventory is a REALLY nice touch. It gives you a sense of old Star Trek and really being in the ST universe. I just added photon mines to my ship and watching and listening to them go off mid battle was FRICKIN GLORIOUS. Seeing species 8472 so early in the game was a GREAT surprise and it was BEAUTIFULLY rendered, much more interesting than in the actual tv show. I'm impressed and loving it! I'm having a ton of fun....

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