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# 1 The Blood of Qo'Nos House
01-31-2010, 08:31 PM
Newly formed House, The Blood of Qo'nos. I don't have a big Flashy Openning like the other guys and I'm writing this off the top of my Head so Bear With me. We are Currently Recruiting Anyone that wishs to play Klingon Weathers its Casual or whenever you can. We are also Looking for Allies within the Other Houses So that we may Join Together and Destory the Federation and their Allies!

The Blood of Qo'nos

Link to our Site and Forums. One more Note too we are Getting a Vent ASAP, most Likely Monday 2/1/10.

On a Side note - Raptor Flight on the Fed Side is where my Fed Character is and if your Looking for a Fed Fleet Join Them, Very Active and Very Friendly.


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