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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
As I understand it, there's a tactical officer on the bridge of your ship, spamming that spacebar when you're in a space fight. One would hope that he and the ships computer are working together to aim for critical or vulnerable areas of the enemy's ship. This occasionally results in a critical hit. This is how I imagine regular fire, BO and CRF working.

BFAW and CSV, however, are quantity over quality. They're not so much as landing precise hits, they're more about landing as many as possible to as many targets as possible. As such they should have a diminished critical hit multiplier, like CritH reduced by 25% of total, to reflect the rushed nature of the weapon.

Rushed nature, you say? Well, BFAW and CSV fire more shots at more targets than regular fire. In order to fire more shots at more targets you would need to act quicker in order to achieve that. Less time per shot = rushed. Also, if it wasn't harder or more stressful to do what BFAW and CSV do then they'd be the norm and regular fire wouldn't exist.

I sense there will be some people who think this makes sense. I also think there will be staunch BFAW users who won't be able to see logic because they're blinded by the thought that their dreamboats would be affected by this.
Okay the reason they won't see logic is because there isn't any here. Keep it where you've admitted in later posts, it is just an opinion. These are just the way you think the abilities work, not how they actually work.

CRF actually has the greatest increase in the rate of fire and yet you feel that is fine. Game mechanics say otherwise, but okay.

Torpedo Spread just plain not missing grants it an artificially high no cost crit rate, but okay.

BFAW is Beam Fire at Will, not Fire all Willy Nilly. So you're making a presumption.

I'd almost grant you Scatter Volley. Just the huge volume of fire implied by the name and the effect supposes that once in a while you squeeze a bunch of extra fire out of your cannons and get more for it. So I changed my mind.

The 'rushed nature' of the abilities is your bias. There's no evidence of that anywhere else but in your post.

Beam Overload actually has a bit of a charge up. And a large power cost. Were you thinking of granting extra crit chance to that attack? No. You weren't. You've deemed that normal operation that may result in a critical hit.

Here's my take on scatter volley. Once in a while you're able to use your cannons so as to completely blanket an area in fire. Enemy ships can't avoid taking some damage and any efforts they make to avoid the fire actually brings them into more of it. The unexpected vectors of attack resulting in more critical hits as ships defenses are overwhelmed.

Here. This may help. If you don't wish to read it, the short version is to try not to accuse others preemptively of not being able to see logic, when you aren't bringing any to the discussion yourself.

It would really help your posting if you did read it though. Cheers and all that

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Considering a ship has many vital areas to be struck, what is so hard to believe that a multi shot attack can and, will in fact strike one of these vital areas causing a crit. It is no different than a typical shot striking that area and, since the only true aimed shot comes from subsystem targeting all other weapon attacks are just shoot here, shoot there, or maybe here (crit), now over here, and here (crit).
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