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# 1 important ui tweaks
02-05-2010, 11:06 PM
hey I would like to say first of all that I have read some of the previous posts.. and from what I can tell most of the people's concerns listed here have been solved. Good job Cryptic I also have some input of my own on some tweaks that I feel should be seen in the game.

instance interface:
when you open the map, and you click switch instance, there should be a better interface. It should show you what instance you are currently in, and the instances which are occupied by your team mates. It should allow you the option to set which instance all team mates should converge to. Once this is set an option should pop up in all team mates windows asking them if they would like to warp to the given zone.

Map interface improvement:
systems which you have missions for should be more clearly posted on your area map. Also, the ability to make waypoints would be very nice. A set of personal waypoints, marking out a route through your mission would be ideal. They should be able to be set for both sector space and instance space. Also, waypoints which can be shared by team mates, displayed in a certain color on their map, would be a nice addition. Another thought to this is if you set your waypoint to a far away system, then the route throught your sector blocks should be hilighted. Setting your main mission would be a good way of displaying the systems associated with a mission without cluttering the map.

Ship scanners:
in real star trek it is possible to scan another ship and see what types of weapons are onboard, basic defensive capabilities, overall mass and size, etc. It would be nice if players could see other players gear so that you know where you yourself are at, and you can strive for better items. a nice way to integrate this into the game would be to set up a tricorder option to scan a humanoid and a ship scanner option. of course certain rules would apply, such as distance, strength of enemy shields, engineering buffs, so on.

Interactive ship:
It should be possible to go from your bridge, down a turbo lift, and to other parts of your ship such as the medical bay, engineering, 10-forward (or equivalent) captains quarters, and just general corridors. Each area should have merchants from the respective classes and should be able to buy basic equipment and replenish food and supplies. This should not reduce the need for visiting outposts since the replicators on board your ship can only make gear of a mediocre level. Sending materials to the replicator should give you the option to either return the energy credits, or learn a simple version of the item being inputted (as in, a lvl 3 item would come back as a lvl 1 or a lucky lvl 2 item of the same type). Once learned, energy credits will be needed to create the object. But overall, it would be really cool to be able to walk around the insides of your ship. I think this is the missing final touch to this game that would really make players want to spend time checkin out their ship. Missions that take place inside your ship would also be nice to see. Being able to stamp out that borg invasion on board your should be a lot of fun, or doing some type of quest that requires a lot of thinking, such as a holodeck glitch, or a leak in a power conduit.

well that is my input for now. I really hope to see those suggestions become a part of the game. if there is already a way to do what I have posted here please let me know. I think this game is really awesome and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future.

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